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Roland's BBQ - meet Roland

Meet Roland

Roland Owens has had a longstanding passion for BBQ.  His comprehensive experience in the food service industry, ranging from executive chef to restaurant owner, prepared him to work in a variety of settings and paved the way to his dream of owning a food truck.  Today, Roland is doing what he loves; smoking and serving delicious BBQ that is always fresh and tender.  We Be Smokin!

Roland's BBQ - Tender Pulled Pork or Beef Sandwich

Mouth Watering

Enjoy tender pork, beef or chicken cooked to perfection served at  your catering or concessions event, or at whim wherever our food truck is parked.

Roland's BBQ - Tender, smoked BBQ Ribs

Our Food Truck

Follow our food truck on Facebook and Twitter to see where we will be parked, then come visit us and enjoy a delicious BBQ meal or pick up an order to go.

Contact Roland's BBQ

Planning a catering or concessions event? Drop us a line with details. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we move around town.