Concessions Events

  Tired of the same old, overused concession food? Let Roland's BBQ increase your concessions sales with preimium BBQ pork or beef sandwiches, or chicken sandwiches, each with a complimentary bag of chips.  We serve at a wide variety of community events all over town, both large and small.  Look for our truck at these events and follow us on Twitter if you are craving delectable BBQ fare.

Roland's BBQ Concessions Menu

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Roland's BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Draw a crowd to your concessions event with freshly made tender pulled pork sandwiches

Pulled Beef Sandwiches

Roland's BBQ Pulled Beef Sandwich

Add delicious, hearty BBQ pulled beef sandwiches to your concessions menu, equally tender to pork but with a different flavor

Chicken Sandwiches

Roland's BBQ Chicken Sandwich

On the lighter side try a chicken sandwich; a popular alternative to pork and beef


Roland's BBQ Assorted Bottled Pop, Water or Gatorade

Choose from bottled pop, water or Gatorade

Place a Concessions Order

When to place your order

Because Roland's BBQ, Catering and Concessions smokes its meats "low  and slow," we ask that you contact us at least two weeks prior to your event to place your concessions order. Food is served on site.

Food volume or quantity

Determining how much food you will need for your concessions event is important.  Accordingly, figure 3 - 4 oz. of product per person.  Based on this, 10 pounds would feed approximately 40 - 50 people.  Consider adding more for hearty eaters and second helpings. 

How to order

Orders may be placed by calling Roland's BBQ, Catering and Concessions at (612) 310-6499 or sending an email to

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are there order minimums?     No
  2. Is there a delivery charge?    Yes, amount depends on the delivery location
  3. Is a deposit required?    Yes,  50% of the invoice total is due upon ordering and is non-refundable
  4. What is the order cancellation policy?   Because Roland's BBQ, Catering and Concessions purchases and smokes its foods fresh, we require a 48-hour notice of cancellation
  5. Are serving products included?   Yes, upon request.  Paper plates, napkins, flatware and additional condiments are available at no added cost.  Please specify when placing your order